Greetings from Monica Dart – Monique’s friend and personal Photographer

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It’s a sunny morning as we all head out of Karstad to a friends holiday cottage in Töcksfors! Monique is driving, there is great music on the radio and I’ve been assigned to write a blog post! I am more of a night owl than a morning person…so writing so early in the morning is a new experience for me! So good morning everyone!


When we arrive, everyone will be venturing to Tusenfryd theme park, except me! Theme parks and circusses are by far two of my least favourite activities. So my day will be spent reading and daydreaming about this wonderful life.


Mattias and the children are keeping entertained playing chess on the back seat.

After three wonderful weeks already spent in Sweden…(which is quickly becoming my second home), I have short of one week left here before I head back to South Africa. Sweden has crept under my skin and my love of the lifestyle, scenery and the people has found it’s way deep into my heart.


So for now I shall enjoy all the special moments and experiences, and spend some quality time with my beautiful friend Monique.

With love,

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  • <3 Monica, I hope you will have lovely last week in Sweden with your lovely friend Monique! Hope to meet you again sometime in the future!
    Hugs from Åse

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