Low carb zucchini soup

18 Aug 2014 11:58 am     4 Comments    Posted under: Recipes

I just made a great and filling soup with zucchini!


4-6 portions

1 large zucchini (400 g)
100 g butter
1 onion
salt, white pepper1 tsp curry powder
1 tsp paprika powder
200 ml whipping cream /pouring cream
300 ml creme fraiche

Crispy fried bacon pieces
Onion finely chopped
Chopped chives

Melt the butter and chop the zucchini in larg pieces. Fry the zucchini in the butter until it gains colour. Chop the onion and add it to the pot. Fry and stir the veg for a few minutes. Add spices and allow to simmer for 5 minutes with lid on pot (as long as there is liquid from the zucchini in the pot).

Add cream and creme fraiche and bring to the boil. Use a mixer and puree the soup. Add the bacon and the onion and chives on the top of each bowl and enjoy!


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  • The low carb zucchini soup was Delicious!! Could you give the nutrition information?

    • I have not worked it out I’m afraid. I will bare in mind and try to add it at a later stage! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the soup…

  • Looks great. Quick question – what can you use if you don’t have creme fraiche?

    • Cream I would say is the best alternativ.

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