Been busy enjoying summer

11 Aug 2014 3:55 pm     1 Comment    Posted under: Books, My low carb book

Sorry ye’all! I have been enjoying my summer vacation and not very active here on my Englsh blog – appologies!

From what I hear, my book: Low Carb Living for families is going really well in SA! And off to third print, within one year of release. That is so awesome. THANK YOU all for supporting and choosing a healthy lifestyle, and for reading my book. Withoug you, no sales! More good news to come…. (keeping a secret so long)!


It’s right there next to Prof. Tim Noakes popular book, The real meal revolution.
I would love it is YOU would take a photo wherever you see my book for sale and mail it to me! THANK YOU! As I live in Sweden I never get to see my English book on the shelves… Please mail to: THANK YOU for your help!


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  • Was very glad to find your book available for my Nook E-reader on


    But just to let you know there is no image showing for it…

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