Sad about fat baby…(?)

20 Mar 2014 5:19 pm     1 Comment    Posted under: Kids

This is both sad and shocking! A 8 month baby weighs 19.7kg, as much as a normal sized 6 yr old. The mom has done what she thought was best for her baby, fed him every time he was upset or cried. Now dr’s are planning numerous operations and strict diet of healthy foods (whatever that might be). I reckon he neads a strict LCHF diet!!!
Chubby Hearts director Salvador Palacio González said medics will try to bring his weight down before he has a series of operations


Daily Mail: Clombia’s fattest baby…




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  • This is so sad, but I don’t think a 8 month baby can get overweight with the mom just feeding him whenever he is hungry, there has to be something underlying. Babies have a natural instinct of stop eating when full. Hopefully this will not lead to another gastric bypass for a child!

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