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Wow! This was really nice. I received a mail from an old fellow student from high school, like 27 yrs ago! Blast from the past! And Kim wrote this lovely mail to me about my book!


“Hi Monique, I want to congratulate you on your very successful book. My colleagues are going wild about it, and over the last week 12 of them, including me have orderd your book online. Now we’re just waiting for them to be delieverd. 3 other colleagues have the book already and have been following the eating plan and they are over the moon, they are full of energy and have all lost weight. I’ve just been chatting to Moni and she said she’ll be seeing you soon, so she may give you this same message from me. I’m priviledged to know the two of you after seeing the book and seeing that Moni was also one of the photographers. Well done on a great accomplishment. Take care and I’ll keep in tough Moni says my hair, skin and energy is going to be great, I’ll let you know of my progress. Have a great day, xXx”

Also my cousin sent me a picture, see below! Great to hear that my book is spreading and people are getting inspired!
“Look what I have, proud of you cousie it is a beautiful book x

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  • Hi Monique I have just purchased your Low Carb Living For Families book and love the recipes in it. However, please can you tell me where I can buy pork rind snacks from?

    I live in Cape Town but have never seen this in the shops?

    • Hi Patricia! Thank you!
      I heard that it is obtainalbe from some health stores and someone did mention woolworths, although not sure if that was the right product. Is it for the fish or chicken nuggets? Use sesame seeds otherwise as alternative. Best of luck! 🙂

      • Thanks I will use sesame seeds instead. Can you perhaps help me? I have been on a HFLC diet now for 3 months and have not lost a single kg.

        Why won’t my body go into ketosis?

        • It’s impossible for me to say without knowing what exactly you eat and the amounts. I will be in CT in October to give breakfast lectures! 🙂 So hopefully you can come then and lear more! Keep an eye on my website for date and details. 🙂

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