Low Carb book now also in Norwegian

30 Aug 2013 10:06 am     2 Comments    Posted under: Books

Wow things are really taking off! Besides my Low Carb living for families book has been released in English, this week it’s been released also in Norwegian! Very exciting!


The title translated is: Natural and homemade food for families

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  • Will your book be coming to North America?

  • Good day i have been in contact with Tommy the 50% man and friend of your. He has been kind enough to refer me to your site as i am incredibly interested in the LCHF lifestyle. I am incredibly excited to hear from Tommy that you are back in Cape Town or soon to be back in Cape Town as i live in Cape Town. I am a massivly overweight and looking to loose weight and get healthier but i dont know if i could eat as simple as Tommy as i am quite a foody, so if you are having any seminars or any info regarding LCHF i would be incredibly interested. Its difficult here in SA as it is still a massively unknown diet and i am super motivated to do it. Thank you Patrick

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