Low Carb Living for Families – now out!

13 Aug 2013 8:22 am     2 Comments    Posted under: My low carb book

After 1,5 years my book is finally out in English! This is so exciting!

It can be found on amazon and on South African sites: Loot and Kalahari.


A friend from school days I saw posted Low Carb Living for Families on Facebook, and what a pleasant surprise that was, as I have not seen the book myself yet!

ON amazon.com you can read the forwards by Prof. Tim Noakes and Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt as well as page through a few of the recipes in the book! So feel free to go on in and have a peek preview!



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  • Hi my daugther age seven is a newly discovered diabetic and lchf diet should be quite suitable for her/ us. I wonder though, how low on carbs can she function well? Is 100grams a day too restrictive? Is fewer ok? How will she presumably react to shifting diet when she is with her dad on his weekends? She has lost weight and is 22 kg.

    • Hi Stina! Sorry to hear about your daughters diabetes. The low carb (LCHF) is perfect for her! As strikt as possible! In otherwords so few carbs as possible. Avoid also fruits, and rather choose berries on special occasions. Bare in mind that carbs are not a essential, which means the body does not need them to function. But fat and protein are! My mother-in-law also has diabetes type 1 and her health has improved tremendously as well as she has halved the amount of medication and insulin, since she turned low carb.
      Also the fat is of great importance, this is your (her) source of energy – so lots of butter, cream, mayonnaise with her food!
      Feel free to ask me for more advice! Best of luck!

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