Low carb Crisp bread – very yum

3 Mar 2013 10:19 pm     7 Comments    Posted under: Recipes


200g sunflower seeds
50g flaxseeds
50g sesame seeds
20g pumpkin seeds
3 tablespoons husk (from health shops, ground psyllium seeds)
1 tsp salt
500 ml vatten
1 tablespoon salt flakes

Pre-heat oven to 160°C.

Mix all ingredients together, except the salt flakes. Leave to swell for a few minutes. Use two oven trays, and place greaseproof paper on the trays. Spread the mixture out on the paper, sprinkle salt flakes on top and ‘cut’ into squares before baking in the oven. Bake in the oven for around one hour and fifteen minutes or until crispy.

This is great crisp bread for breakfast, snack or with a stew or soup. Add butter and cheese and it’s heaven! 🙂

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  • I live in the UK and I have just written separately via Contact because after buying the English version of Low Carb Living for Families I was finding that the recipes were not working out very well. I wondered if this was because some of the non-liquid ingredients were given in ml whereas in the UK only liquids have a ml measurement. And added to which the Conversion chart in the book gives graduations starting at 5/15/60/80/125ml etc but most of the recipes are 50/100/ml etc so you have to do a calculation of various cups and tablespoons and teaspoons which does not seem to work. BUT having seen the above recipe for crispbread on this website (which incidentally I am baking right now and not too confident about the outcome) I see that some of the measurements are not the same as those in the book!!!!!!! Might this why the recipes from the book are not working????????
    Also Poor Sophia Sundberg does not seem to have got an answer to an important portion question……..who is monitoring this blog???
    I love the look of the recipes in this book but I will be putting a comment in the Amazon site where I ordered the book saying I am disappointed that the recipes don’t seem to be working for a UK user.

    • Hi Glynis,
      same here. based in the UK .
      I am confused about this reipe – the book says 45ml Psyllium husk .
      Is that liqud form , or just the powder measured in ml’s ?!!


      • In Sweden all is mearsured in ml’s, generally. A cup is 250 ml… To give an idea of the amount. Or 4 tablespoons = 45 ml… 😉

  • Don’t you think it gives to much omega 6 oils with all that seeds? I bought the seeds but thinking of throwing them away because we do not need seeds (birdfood) or fiber. Are you familiar with dr. Georgina Ede http://www.diagnosisdiet.com ?

    • It’s a fine line! But if all other foods contain minimal of omega-6 then these can be ok every now and then… I reckon…

  • For those who don’t know Swedish: Vatten is “Water” 😉

  • How much can you eat to stay within strict LCHF?I’m thinking about Finn crisp where one” slice” is OK but no more. Too much of this will surely not be within limits and I’m curious to where the limit is?

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