Christmas dinner! Wow!

17 Dec 2012 11:32 am     1 Comment    Posted under: Restaurants

I have been out to have our annual Christmas dinner, with my collegues! And it was fantastic! We were at a restaurant that specialises in organic foods and only buys from local farmers.

Kjell & Bolas, Terassen
My collegues
Lots of cold meats on the buffét
The vegetables just melted in my mouth
They even had LCHF crisp bread!
The owners: Kjell o Bola

But what a suprise when they came out with a LCHF dessert for me! Consisting of LCHF ice-cream: Cream, philidelphia cream cheese, creme fraiche and raspberries whipped together and frozen. This was topped up with butter roasted cashews.

Lovely… all of it! And so filling! Way too much food, but at least it was the right foods!

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  • Wow indeed! That all looks so great. A low carb feast of note! Thank you for sharing ((( ))) p.s. You looked absolutely ravishing. Keep up the good work!

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