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Some are seeing the light. Hig fructose corn syrup is something we all want to avoid! It’s cheap and tastes good, and is found in so many products! Read labels people…

HFCS has more fructose sugarn than sucrose, which contains an equal amount of flucose. This syrup is used in drinks, sodas, processed foods, ice cream, biscuits, cereals, etc.

In this article it is suggested to avoid foods containing HFCS, at the same level as avoiding trans fats, and that foods should have warning labels when they do contain HFCS. Great idea I think!

Quite amusing, a spokesman for the British Soft Drinks Association said: ‘You can’t draw any conclusions from this research because it does not actually look at the relationship between consumption of HFCS and diabetes.” Of course he would, he wants to keep his job! I mean, pleeeeease!

A good article to enlighten the public of food risks… But why, at the end of such an article does it end off with this:

‘The way to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes is to control one’s weight and live a physically active lifestyle. There is a place for soft drinks as part of a balanced diet.’

HOW can they say there is a place for soft drinks in a balanced diet? Oh come on…

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