Low Carb debate in South Africa

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Preparing before we start to talk for our 15 min each allocation!

En exciting evening…

Tim Noakes did a small intro of all speakers and briefly talked about how he got into the low carb lifestyle two years ago.

Mike Finch from Runners World was the chair of the debate.


Andreas spoke, as always, very well! Both easy to understand and entertaining with many valuable points on facts and modern research.


After Andreas, my turn. Initially a bit nervous, but as soon as I am up on stage the neves settle and I just talk. And I love it!

I spoke a bit about my weightloss history and also briefly about children and food and the way we are feeding our kids in general and the results thereof!

After me it was Georgina Thomas, an endurance athlete and swimming coach who lost 45kg on a  portion/calorie control diet, without excluding unrefined carbohydrates.

Then Professor Marjanne Senekal,  Head of Human Nutrition at UCT. Prof. Senekal did not however, talk of her view of eating, she mainly talked about our idea and concept of low carb, which was very unfortunate – it would have been interesting to hear more on her own personal views of what is good and healthy. She did emphasise the importance of calories in and calories out, and eating a balanced diet.
I can only add, that I have always exercised, and always been overweight, on a calorie reduced diet most of my adult years. Never helpe me. Now however, I do still exercise but my calorie intake is very high, much higher than when I was trying to loose weight. So for me, her theory does not at all work!

After all the speakers had done ther 15 minutes, more or less… We sat down as the debate pannel and the audience could ask questions, to which we could respond.

It was a very good and interesting evening, and afterwards many from the audience came and spoke with us and thanked us for the inspiration!

I think we were quite convincing of the low carb lifestyle!


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  • I tried to book 3 seats for the debate and was advised that seats had sold out within hours of the announcement of the event! I was also told that another event would be arranged at a bigger venue; projected date not specified!
    Really, really look forward to that.


  • Such a shame I only found out about the debate when it was sold out, else I would have flown down for it.

    Do you know if the debate was recorded and will go up on youtube or the like?


  • It was an inspiring evening. The speakers all looked so healthy and that speaks volumes! Thank you very much! I have been doing LCHF for nine months but still learned a lot and wished all my friends and family could have been there. I applaud Tim Noakes for his dedication to improving the health of South Africans.


    • He is so awesome! I just adore Noakes!


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