Healthy yoghurt, or not?

14 Nov 2012 6:08 am     1 Comment    Posted under: Health & illness, Low Carb Theory School

We often think that yoghurt is a healthy choice! The heart foundations would also like us to think so! BUT these flavoured yoghurts are full of sugar and hardly any fat! Which means, they do not make you full but instead make you fat!

This yoghurt has 14.2g carbs (sugar) /100g and only 2g fat!

If you are going to eat yoghurt aim for the plain greek yoghurt which I belives is at leat 5% fat, see if you can find one with more fat, or add cream to it!

My grond rule is: Never buy or eat anything that has more that 5g carbs/100g – ever! Preferbly not above 3g/100g!

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  • Good luck finding full fat yogurt (or cottage cheese, sour cream, etc.) in the grocery stores these days, let alone extra fat. It’s all low fat this and no fat that.

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