My meeting with Prof. Tim Noakes

2 Nov 2012 3:05 pm     1 Comment    Posted under: Health & illness, My encounter with...

I had a wonderful meeting with Tim Noakes yesterday! Such an inspiring and friendly person, I truly enjoyed his company!

Tim Noakes has been lowcarbing since December 2010, and as he says, has not been healthier! He did try the low carb lifestyle for 5 months before talking openly about it. And he has not regretted one day!

Tim told me about his daughter of 37 who started low carbing in January this year. She has since then lost 30kg and participated in a marathon! This is just so awesome… Her one year old also heats the healthy sugar free foods and is a happy and satisfied little one according to Noakes!

We spoke about the upcoming debate which both myself and Andreas Eenfeldt ( will be partaking in on November 14th…

As you see, I had a lovely meeting with Tim and am looking forward to seeing him again shortly. I have invited Tim for dinner in just over a weeks time. It will definitely be a full on LCHF meal, that’s for sure!


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