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After the Low Carb Cruise this year I learned about this amazing bullet coffee. It has also become a ‘concept’ in Sweden. Thousands of LCHF folks are ‘doing’ the bullet coffee. Me included. I love it!

1 cup of coffee
2 Tbsp butter (unsalted, preferably grassfed organic butter)
1-2 Tbsp coconut oil

You HAVE to beat it with an electric beater to get it to blend, and then you have a filling and yummi (I know it sounds far from yummi) latté coffee!
With this you can just skip breakfast, if you like, or for you that is not a breakfast person this is also great! Sometimes I’ll have one in the evening or afternoon instead of a snack.

The original recipe is found here on Dave Aspreys page: The bulletproof executive

And as Dave says:
“Try this. After one drink of Bulletproof coffee, you’ll never be tempted to eat fat-free, insulin-raising, fat-storing toast and oatmeal breakfasts again!”

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  • Can I add full fat cream to my bullet proof coffee or no? I dont mind black coffee, but I prefer it will cream

    • Hi JoAnne, then it won’t be a bullet proof coffee I am afraid, just a good coffee! 😉

  • Hi there, Have just bought your book and have read it from cover to cover. Iam very confused though as to the whole fruit thing. I want to do this style of eating to lose weight and according to what I read, I mustn’t eat fruit except berries. Is this correct? Also I don’t see carrots anywhere for veggies – are these a no no? Oh one last question – you boil everything, isn’t it healthier to steam? Thanks

    • That’s right. Fruit is full of fructose (fat storage sugar), berries is a better alternativ, but not too many or too often. Carrots and all vegetables that grow beneath ground are good to avoid, too much starch.
      Boil or steam, as you choose! A good page to read more about the lchf is dietdoctor.com 🙂
      Best of luck Toni!

    • Hi Tony, I’ve read up quite a lot and can recommend the book The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance by Phinny and Volek. It will give you a much better insight into the lifestyle, and it addresses ketogenic eating as well. From what I gather low carb living requires some personal experimentation. Some people can handle fruit better than others, although it is not generally recommended for weight loss. Berries are the lowest in carb content, and therefore acceptable for use in desserts, treats, etc. I also have Monique’s cookbook and I think boiling/steaming is pretty interchangeable in most of the recipes. Do what makes you happy! In my experience European kitchens are generally a lot more high tech than South African kitchens, so maybe a quick boil on an induction stove is easier for her than hauling out a steamer or even microwave steaming. 🙂

      • Great book! I had the priveledge of sitting at the same dinner table for a week, with Jeff and his family during the Low Carb Cruise in USA! Great company! 🙂

  • Can I get coconut oil from a supermarket?

    • Wal-Mart sells LouAna brand that isn’t extra virgin or organic but it’s not very expensive either. It also doesn’t have the coconut aroma/flavor.

      Sam’s has BetterBody Foods brand that is extra virgin and organic. It comes in a 28 oz jar. It smells like coconut.

      I mention the smell because you might not want it for some uses and you might want it for others.

    • Try Woolworths, my sister got it there.

  • Tried this, but I’m not a big fan of the coconut taste in my coffee. Have to find a way of getting that coconut oil!
    So, I omitted it from my BPC and added a bit of full-fat cream instead. Much nicer.

    EXCEPT, I understand the coconut is needed for the MCTs.
    I am thinking of buying MCT oil supplements.

    Thanks from Canada.

    • Also test with just butter then… 🙂 works great, more healthy for you than the cream! 🙂

    • LouAna sells coconut oil that has no coconut aroma/flavor. It’s not extra virgin or organic but it is still coconut oil with MCTs and it’s way cheaper. I use it for fried eggs and I put a tablespoon-full in my after-exercise protein smoothy.

      Wal-Mart sells it in their cooking oil section.

      Alternatively, you could use the CO you already have and start with a tiny bit and build up over time. You might be able to acclimate yourself to the flavor that way.

  • Thanks – I did suspect you would say that 🙂 I have been using it on and off – have lost nearly 13kgs this year, but it has been verrry slow. I really want to get onto your programme completely but feel a bit “lost” as to exactly what I need to do / how to get started and what I can and cant eat. I need help ! 🙂

  • Ok thanks ! I have been following Herbalife on and off since Jan – what are the feelings on incorporating Herbalife shakes into a LCHF diet (ie having it will full fat milk ?)

    • A no no! 🙂 Why would you want to drink that?

  • Hi Monique – I am a friend of Monica Dart’s 🙂 I am trying this lifestyle but have so many questions ! can I email you directly ? xxx

    • Much better if you write your questions here, then more can see, read and learn. I don’t have the time to answer all mails individually… Hope that is ok? Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind! 🙂

  • Loving your website – navigating through it each day to familirise myself with the concepts – I have so many questions tho ! 🙂

    • Thank you Wendy!

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