Nutritional ketosis and weight loss

16 Oct 2012 10:57 am     No Comments    Posted under: Health & illness, Ketosis

After being on the low carb cruise in USA in May and listening to Jeff Volek I became motivated to start measuring my blood ketons.

Jeff and I shared the same dinner table during the cruise and his research around ketosis is very interesting. His book comes highly recommended: The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance.

To measure blood ketones you need a blood ketone meter. Every morning I take a bloodtest, on a fasting stomach, to measure my ketones. The optimla ketosis is between 1,5 – 3 mmol/L…

It’s quite amazing to see how various foods affect the body, ever for me who has been strict LCHF for 5 years. What does not work is: berries, fruit, too little fat, nuts… and alcohol to a point. Then I am out of nutritional ketosis and it can take 1-7 days to get back into it again. More about this later…

Here you can read more about Jeff’s lecture via Jimmy Moores blog!

Jimmy Moore is also following strict low carb high fat eating plan, and measuring ketones. Since May he has lost 22kg!!! Which is awesome.

I will be back and tell you more about my results too!


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