Eat what we are designed to eat!

20 Jul 2012 12:41 pm     No Comments    Posted under: Low Carb Theory School

At a zoo yesterday I saw this sign:

“Don’t feed me! I don’t tolerate people foods”

And I reckon the same applies to us… If we eat what we are designed to eat we will be much more healthy and live long lives.

This does not mean cosuming: fruit yoghurts, sodas, corn flakes, candy, pasta, flour foods, diet alternatives, sweetners, etc…

  • People have existed for 2 mil years.
  • We have been eating grains for 4000 – 10000 years.
  • We started eating fatfree and less fat foods 30-40 years ago.
  • We started to eat light and diet foods around 30 years ago.

So why are people more sick today than ever before, why are people more often dying from illness than old age.

To die of old age entails an extreme feeling of tiredness for around 3 days, then falling into a deep sleep resulting in a quiet and ‘healthy’ death.

This does not happen so often these days!

Let’s eat what we are designed to eat! That will give us an optimal health…

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