Pregnancy and low carb eating

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How should I eat when pregnant?
What is best for me?

What is best for baby?

Is it safe to eat low carb during pregnancy?Monica Dart Photography

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These questions are the most common that I receive about pregnancy and low carb eating.

My opinion is that low carb (LCHF) is perfect for the pregnant mom! It’s natural food we are talking about, which will not harm anyone. It’s the food that our ancestors ate…

To remove starch and sugars will not harm you. It’s what your body is made to eat.

Even fruit you can remove from your diet. Fructose is what makes you swell, especially in the heat and summer months. Try to remove the fruit in your diet over a week and I am sure you will see a noticable difference. At least minimise your intake.

Eat good fats, like butter, coconutoil, avocadoes and omega-3. Eat vegetables and protein, organic eggs, smoothies made with full fat yoghurt, cream, avocado, ginger… as an e.g.

Omega-3 is important for the development of your babys brain.

Avoid sugar, starches, sweetened products, bread, flour, rice, juice, soda and large amounts of fruit.

HERE you can listen to Dr Michael Fox on the subject of fertility and food.

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  • I really like looking through and I believe this website got some genuinely useful stuff on it! .

  • Hi !! I’m 24 years old and in january I will start a LCHF diet. But the thing is that I’m trying to get pregnant.. so I wonder if it’s a good thing to eat high fat and low carbs when you’re pregnant ?

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