Horrible airplane food/snacks!

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A day out in London…


And I found a South African shop, bought loads of biltong (dried meat), a traditional snack from home. Lots of fat and protein. Can’t get a better LCHF snack than that. AND the kids love it too!

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When trevelling I don’t usually want to do the ‘tourist’ routine! But in this case, for the sake of the kids, I did agree, partially, to do some of it at a distance.


Which was fine, even for me, and the weather was with us, so a breezy walk over the Thames was perfect!

We did go and see the musical, ‘The Lion King’ which was magic! So amazingly well done, and the music touches you deep inside.

A bit of shopping and a ride (or many) on the London busses…

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So what do they offer for kids on board the flight to London. A kids box sounds like an alternative. NOT!


It only had candy, where is the food part here? But for ‘adults’ there are various alternatives as salmon sallad or chicken sallad…

Which works for kids too!

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