Low Carb fertility doctor! Dr Michael Fox.

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Dr. Michael Fox sat next to me several times during the cruise. Already during last years cruise we got on really well. Especially having children of exactly the same ages (except his youngest are triplets)… And both of us eat as strictly as the other. He is one of the only dr.’s that does not either eat fruit, sweeteners or any other light products with artificial sweeteners.

During his lecture he spoke briefly about his life as a reproductive doctor at his fertility clinic in Jacksonville.

In the 90’s Michael Fox had a simple association in the shower one day – we eat too many carbs. Maybe those that are having trouble falling pregnant would be helped by eating less carbs. When he decided to reduce drastically the amount of carbs in PCO patients the pregnancy rates both doubled and tripled.

He also works with menopause / hormone replacement therapy. He was taught to give everyone hormone replacement, same for all. They thought it was good for everybody. But now he realizes this is very individual. Even with the hormon replacement woman were still getting hot flushes, headaches, sleeping badly, etc. So instead he started to apply nutritional therapy. All the symptoms improved.


AND the same is for men, treating med and measuring testosterone levels. If their testosterone levels were low, then also their sperm count was low. This, instead, could be helped by changing food consumption and diet.


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