Low Carb Cruise lectures begin…

15 May 2012 9:05 am     No Comments    Posted under: Lectures
Dr. Mary Vernon Dr. Mary Vernon

There were many lecturers that were on the cruise from last year, but that were not lecturing this year. Jimmy Moore likes to introduce new lecturers every year.

Although these lecturers were given only 10 min to talk.

Dr. Mary Vernon

This is a very popular, well liked doctor in US. She is well known for her research and enthusiasm within the low carb diet. Mary Vernon writes, researches and educates doctors.

She told us how she says to patients that if what you do works for you, then keep on doing it. ‘Get where you need to get, what works for you to balance your metabolic balance. Be it Paleo, low carb, whatever. You need to meet and maintain quality of life function.

Our body should work optimally as it does at the age of (25 -) 35 years. That we need to look at our hormones, and not only insulin. Hormonal balance is important.

Mary Vernon said that she is on the cruise, so everyone that wanted to talk to her, get advise and help could just grab her during the cruise for a chat. BUT you don’t get off the hook by talking to her, you are the one that puts whatever you want to put in your mouth!

She is inspiring. We sat at the same breakfast table the one morning.

Jimmy Moore Jimmy Moore
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