Lecture by Dr Eric Westman

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Dr. Eric Westman is a researcher, a medical weight loss dr. and author of the book: “New Atkins for a New You“.

He tells us that he was trained to giving pills for ills, but now he rather removes the pills and instead prescribes low carb eating.

Essential nutrients you have to eat, but carbohydrates the body can make by itself – so we don’t need to eat them! (Important words these…)

Calories in and calories out, Eric Westman says: ‘Let’s put them to rest!’ BUT if you don’t talk about calories, dietitians would not have any jobs.’

Counting calories is not helpful when eating a low carb diet.You don’t need to talk about/restrict calories to get people to loose weight, you just need to restrict the carbs.

Eric Westman speaks of the myths around low carb eating. For instance those that eat low carb increase their protein intake. BUT as long as people increase their fat intake their protein consumption will more than likely stay the same as before.

Another myth was that of the brain needing carbs in order to function. He continues to say that this is however true, BUT we do not need to EAT these carbs! Our liver produces carbs (glucose) for the brain automatically. The brain needs100g – 140g carbohydrates (glucose) and our liver does this per automatic, our liver produces over 250g glucose so our brain gets exactly the amount it needs…

Eric talks also about ketogenic diet and the roles of ketones.

Eric Westman is a researcher and from what I can tell, he likes to see evidence for different statements being made. Having that said, it does not mean that if there is no study – it can’t be true. He asked the audience how many believe they get hungry from carbs. A large (all?) amount of people put up their hands. So experience and anecdotes are also important. So is it true?

Another example he used was that of a lady at the check out counter at the store that wanted to warn him about all the eggs he was buying. She had said he should be wary of all those eggs as his cholesterol would go up. To this Westman answered ‘Don’t worry I am a dr.’ The person was not reassured.

This due to what ‘people’ through the years, media and bad ‘research’ have been taught (brain washed?)!

He gives hands on tips about what choices people can do to easily follow ketogenic diet by eating a maximum of 20 g carbohydrates per day.

In his tips he does use fast foods, with this Eric Westman means that the majority, at least a very huge amount of Americans do eat fast foods, and that changing their eating habits to ketogenic diet / low carb will not stop them from eating fast foods. Therefore it is better to give advice and tips which the general American can follow and adapt to his or her lifestyle.

I like the way he thinks and really listens and follows the individual person and their needs.

Eric Westman also brought up the increasing popularity of LCHF in Sweden. He showed a slide with a picture of google search on diets.

He concluded his lecture with: ‘How can we fix all this? Dr’s need to firstly start prescribing a good diet (low carb) BEFORE prescribing medication.

The last slide shows facts about low carb, high fat diets. When reading these positive and simple steps, it’s difficult to understand who would not want to try out low carb eating!

I sat next to Eric Westman during a few of the dinners on board the ship. He is a very easy going, funny and interesting man. We spoke about food, health, teenagers, sweetners (will get back to that conversation – a very interesting one) and life in general.


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