A ‘low carb’ birthday party for kids

27 Jun 2011 12:38 pm     No Comments    Posted under: Kids, Low Carb Theory School

My daughter turned 7 yesterday! So it was party time.  I am not at all into the whole candy, soda and cookie thing! My idea was to have eats and foods that were more low carb, more healthy and still enjoyable for 8 small princesses!

Princess pool party:

Firstly a swim.  Then food:


Bearnaisse sauce to dip sausages in

Cocktail tomatoes to eat with fun bumble bee toothsticks

Juice with extra added water, juice is otherwise way too sweet!

Treasure hunt – but not for candy! In the treasure box was lots of stickers for the kids.  They loved that!

Cake time:

Juice with water

Milk chocolate (just a bit)


Swedish buns (muffins) – not so low carb but very traditional, so I hade give in here.

Cake: Small amount of vanilla ice cream, heavy cream whipped and loads of strawberries on top.

VERY happy and satisfied children that did not get all speeded by too much sugars! Me like! 🙂

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