Baby food – questionable!

23 Jun 2011 12:35 pm     No Comments    Posted under: Kids, Low Carb Theory School

There has been an analysis done on ready-made childrens foods.  The results are pretty scary!

Fast and easy seems to be what parents are looking for.   ‘Testfakta‘ a Swedish testing group, have tested various jars of baby food.  The result shows that it’s not a lot of nourishment in a jar, and way to little energy for a baby/toddler.

In order for the baby to eat what is required for their body they would need to eat 6 jars of food!

They speak about the fact that those that make their own baby food use much more protein in form of meats and fish which provides much more nourishment.  They found also that several of the jars contained transfats (!) which is not allowed in baby foods in Sweden anyway!

Whilst on the subject! The jars with fruits for babys and toddlers are pure sugar bombs!

Apple juice (sugar), pears (sugar), pear juice (sugar), water (expensive water then), rice starch (sugar) and vitamin c!

So the only good thing here from what I can see is vitamin c, and that the baby easily eats in bigger amount by eating cabbage, broccoli, etc…

If possible, make your own baby food, freeze in smaller portions and give your child an even bettar start in life! 🙂

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