Cottage cheese – yes or no?

12 Jun 2011 11:48 am     No Comments    Posted under: Low Carb Theory School, Tips

Cottage cheese is usually very low in fat.  This means that in order to eat and feel full you need to eat quite a large amount.  A large amount of cottage cheese is also a larger amount of carbs, quite a lot of carbs actually!

I personally feel that cottage cheese is ‘diet food’ from weight watchers eating style.  I use cottage cheese in recipes or when baking lchf breads but just to eat, no, not for me.  When I eat I want to feel full.  Fat makes you full. And keeps you full for a long time. Cottage cheese just does not do that!

IF however you do enjoy cottage cheese and want to eat it anyway then add some heavy cream to increase the fat amount! And enjoy it! 🙂

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