Berries and low carb living

11 Jun 2011 11:43 am     No Comments    Posted under: Low Carb Theory School, Tips

Is it ok to eat berries at any time, all the time? Definately not, is my answer.  Berries contain fructose and if you want to loose weight then fructose is what you need to avoid.  So fruit and berries are generally not ok.

BUT if you have anyway decided to eat something sweet then berries are a good alternative.  Better than fruit, more nourishment.  Bare in mind it will increase cravings for sweet and even just craving snacks.  The cravings you can have for a few days after eating berries.

In the summer I often eat too many berries, too often.  But sometimes it can be worth that, that’s the choice you have to make.  I try to eat berries only on special occasions for e.g. birthdays, celebrations, with friends and guests…

Berries for breakfast on a daily basis or as afternoon snacks does not work for me and my body.

During the winters I eat berries about once a month, during the summers it is def. more often, probably 2-5 times a month!  And I can see the difference on the scale, unfortunately… Some of us just tolerate berries less than others!  But better with berries than with cany or cakes .

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