Your body and ketones

Your body has to get used to LCHF food, a changeover occurs.  The brain is used to getting nourishment from glycogen (sugars/carbs).  When you change your eating patterns to low carb foods you decrease the intake of carbohydrates.  During the first few days your body uses it’s energy from what it has stored in your muscles and liver.


Before you body starts to burn fat it empties the glycogen storage areas in your body.  You burn fat anyway, more or less, you don’t need to be in ketos for that, but when you are in ketos you have an even faster fat burning system, turbo!  Extra fat burns up but some of it forms ketones which becomes your energy supply to your brain.

The first few days can be very tough, even the first 1-2 weeks.  Some people feel a lack of energy, dizziness, over tired, headaches… But after a while with the LCHF food your body will adjust and will learn to live on fat.  Try to push yoursel through the tough part in the beginning, just like an alcoholic quitting drinking alcohol – the body reacts when it does not get the foods it is used to, your body has to adjust, and it will – and then it is so worth it!


When the glycogen areas are emptied then your body starts to use the fat on the body as energy.  If you then eat food high in carbs the preocess becomes even longer and the fat burning process decreases.  When the glycogen areas are empty the body gets energy from your fat cells.  That is when your body has adjusted!


The body can take up to a week to go through this process, could be less or it could be more!  When your body is in full process of burning fat, this you notice by the taste in your mouth, and others usually notice it by your breath (does not smell too good).  You will also feel the difference in your energy levels and that you don’t feel hungry.


Use this opportunity to start working out, now when you have lots of energy and feel so good.  When your body’s intake of carbs is so low you produce something called ketones.  Ketones are produces when you are burning fat, it makes you feel more energetic and you don’t feel hunger pains as earlier.  Ketones is a sign that you are burning maximum fat.  You don’t usually produce ketones if you are eating ‘normal’ foods, if you do produce ketones then it can be a sign of illness and then you should see a dr.  But when you eat low carb foods then ketones is not at all a dangerous or riskfilled phase for your body.


(Ketones should not be mistaken for ketoasidos which occurs in diabetics).