Variation in intensities

Depending on what training you do, how you do it and for how long – there are different intensities.

High intensive training:

If you are someone who has been working out regularly and are in good shape then this is for you.

This kind of workout can be referred to as hard or very hard work. It’s good to keep your current physic or if you wish to increase your fat burning.

Fat burning afterwards will be larger if you work out high intensive training. You work close to your max pulse.

High intense training you can do for about 1045 minutes.

Middle intensive training:

You will improve your oxygen supply and also burn fat. When you workout middle intensive training you work more continuously during a longer time.

Vid medelintensiv träning så tränar man mera kontinuerligt under en längre tid. E.g. is long distance running/training.

Low intensive training:

You burn fat but don’t need to work too hard. Low intensive training is a light workout. It’s great for ‘everyday exercise.

E.g. is a quick walk, light jog, swimming, working in the garden…

It increases your pulse a bit; you get warm but not very sweaty. Your heart and lung capacity increases and it’s good for you if you are a beginner especially, older, carrying excess weight or if you have injuries you need to be careful with.