The person behind Lifezone


Monique grew up in Cape Town, South Africa.  She has gone through a big change in life, she has her way of living through low carb high fat (LCHF) eating.  Monique went from size XXL to Small!


Three years ago when Monique got onto the scale she saw triple numbers! Today she is fit, healthy, full of energy & life, and never been better!

She has not touched bread, flour, rice, potatoes, sugars, sweets, juice, cooldrinks, corn, peas or anything else that is high in carbs. And never has she eaten such good food as she does today!


Monique is living in Karlstad, Sweden.  She is a certified health coach and fitness instructor.


This is Monique:

Happy, spontaneous, energetic, loves her mac, works out often! Loves to shop! The sea side is her favourite spot! A glas of red gives a day a good ending.  Appreciates honesty, disslikes negativety! Food and health is a way of living.  E good laugh can save any day! Sand, sun, sea, love, heart are meaningul words!

A fire on a cold winter evening, a towel on the beach, children laughing, a good friend and to experience love – that’s what life is all about!

Anything is possible

Through my own experience – I want to help, inspire and guide others.  Those who feel the same feelings of hoplesness as i felt earlier.

It is possible to change your life, your lifestyle and how you feel.

It is possible to live a healthy life in a body that you are satisfied with.


It is possible.

Anything is possible with the right tools!