Monique’s road to fitness

Monique loves working out.  An addicition you can say!

Weight lifting was not her cup of tea at all.  She was scared of all the mashines and dumbells, she hated all the mirrors and she always felt as if she was in the wrong place!

Due to her changed eating habits she gained more and more energy and felt a need, a desire to become active. Monique joined the local gym.

When you work out your body automatically gains more energy, feels happy afterwards and encourages you to healthy eating too.  You never meet someone leaving the gym in a bad mood!  Training affects your mood positively – it is proven!Monique got more inspired by her mirror image and was taking her work outs to a higher level.  She started to go to a PT to get advice on what to do and how.  She wanted to learn to work with weights, not machines.  The results were unbelievable and she felt stronger and healthier for each day.
It is very common that woman often workout with weights that are too light.  If you want results you need to sweat! Lift as heavy as you can so that you can barely lift the last rep.



Not huge, they don’t get huge on woman unless you take something else to make them bigger.  But they get toned!

Most importantly – enjoy it! Find a form of excercise that you enjoy! That’s what works.  You need to do that excercise for at least 6 weeks to feel the true benefits… So don’t give up too early!


Get moving…. 🙂