• Lifezone was founded by Monique Forslund, licensed  health coach
  • Lifezone is based in Karlstad & via internet
  • Lifezones works mainly with food coaching and fitness training


  • Advice and coaching
  • Education
  • Information about: Good eating habits and training; Food for the family; Children and food.

Anyone and everyone can eat the correct foods and feel great no matter what their condition is!

Lifezone helps you to optimize your health.  To give a holistic approach in able for you to feel better, healthier, gain more energy, to strengthen your body and your immune system and even to normalize your weight.


Various aspects affect your health – how you eat, how you think, how you move, how you sleep, and your general situation in life.  The wholeness of how you feel is larger than all the small parts put together.  Lifezone works on your health from the inside and in a holistic way, putting together the puzzles of your life.

Sound interesting?

Do you want to learn more about good and natural food with emphasis on low carb foods with good fats? Optimize your health? Feel motivated and inspirated? Gain more energy? Feel healthy?

Then lifezone can help you!

Through courses or personal coaching you can find the answers to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Monique’s vision is to use her personal experience and the knowledge she has gained to increase awareness on foods, eating habits and healthy living. A reachable goal which is easy to keep up, not only for now, this week, this month, next month but throughout life.


Monique can help you, motivate and inspire you to a healthier life.

Through Lifezone’s courses you can get a good understanding and a good base to stand on so that you can optimize your health!

Subjects that you learn about are: food, from the beginning, how the body works depending on what you feed it, what you should think about when choosing which foods to eat, which foods to buy. What happens when you back track…  We go through fats, carbohydrates, proteins, sugar and what your plate should look like.  Vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.  Movement and training. What the body needs.  Desire for sweet, hunger, feeling full and weight


Lifezone recommends a course if you are new at LCHF prior to personal coaching.  Once you have a full understanding of how the foods and the body work together it is much easier to look into your personal eating habits.


Are you feeling ready and inspired to make a positive change in your life… then Lifezone can help you!