LCHF stands for Low Carb High Fat, in other words low carbohydrates and more fat.

The fat you eat should be natural fat, as in coconut oil, proper butter, full fat cream, fatty fish, meat, nuts and avocado. (No margarine!)

Many people think LCHF is a weight loosing diet to reach their ideal shape, others see LCHF as a lifestyle, where the food is means to optimize health and well being.

How you look at LCHF is up to you, you decide. But try it before you decide how it works for you!

LCHF How & What
LCHF  – Your body and ketones
LCHF  –  What should I eat?
LCHF – Difficult or easy?

Encouraging words..
Encouraging words… Inspiration
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Other websights about LCHF

Kostdoktorn Andreas  Eenfeldt is a Doctor and has Swedens most read health sight on the internet.  It’s a great page with lots of facts and research done on the LCHF way of life.

Dr Dahlqvist blog
Dr Annika Dahlqvist is also a dr. in Sweden.  She was the one who started the LCHF movement in Sweden.  Her page is translated into English via google.