LCHF – Difficult or easy?


  • Good food.
  • Lots of good fats adds flavour to your meal and makes all foods taste better.  And it’s the fats that fills you up.
  • Adaptable, LCHF works all over.  Easy to just leave out for e.g. potatoes, chips, rice and ask for a nice sauce high in fat instead, like sauce Bearnaisse.
  • You can work out and be very active at the same time and get great training results.
  • Craving for sweet things disappears totally. No need to go and feel hungry – you eat till you are full.
  • Works for the whole family, if a family memeber wants a potatoe then that is fine too.
  • Becomes a lifestyle that is easy to keep.
  • You get so much more energy.
  • Easy to make LCHF food and it tastes so good.
  • No need to count calories.
  • You sleep well.
  • You stay healthy and don’t get sick easily.
  • Better quality hair and nails.
  • In general you feel very good.


  • Cutting down on or totally cutting out fruits.
  • Some people think you are crazy or find you a bother.
  • People always have different opinions about things, and even about this way of eating.