Getting started…

Time… Find time, time for you!

Decide on day and time that you can put energy into yourself, your health and your future.


Put up goals, maybe a goal could be to find time?

Think small in the beginning – a 15 min swim, or 10 min walk around the block, after a week increase the distance a bit and add on 2 min… etc.

Join a gym that you like, find a class or activity at the gym that really appeals to you, be it yoga, or buzo – anything really as long as it’s enjoyable at the same time as good for you!
What to look at when choosing a gym:

  • Where the gym is situated.
  • The atmosphere when you walk in the door.
  • Membership card that suits your finances and your times.
  • Is a gym instruction included?
  • Classes the gym offers – do they suit your needs and likes?
  • Somewhere to sit and relax before or after you visit.
  • Friendly people.
  • Child care facilities and activites for children/families.
  • That it feels good there!

It always nice to work out with a friend and to sit down afterwards to talk for a bit and relax…

Make sure you use your membership! Decide on three days a week and make sure you definately go twice! Look positively at the goal you set up for yourself. See it ahead of you, keep it in focus!

Make sure you have good shoes, comfortable clothes and a water bottle. Once you have been doing your classes or workouts for a few weeks you will notice the positive affects it has on you, your body, your health and your moods.  You will be feeling more happy, more relaxed and more satisfied with yourself.  Who does not want to experience that?

Give your workouts a chance! Give it at least 6 weeks before you give up! By then you will be feeling the positive affects – and then you won’t want to give up!