Encouraging words… Inspiration

Your body and your weight is of importance throughout your life. Either the dream of being thin or the thought of having a healthy body until you die – they are both important.  Impossible? No.


Happiness for many people can be symbolised with shopping clothes in a normal boutique, or the possibility of choosing to wear high boots without your calves being to fat, or to be able to roll around and play with your children, swing in the park och go swimming… Whatever it is that helps brighten up your day, you don’t want your body to be the object that limits you to experience these things.

Working out

To get there, to become thin or only to become healthy if you already are thin, does not mean that you can ‘let go’ and do whatever you want, or eat anything.  You need to focus on the foods you eat and on your health otherwise you will gain the weight again.  Instead focus on your own goals and your conditions that you have decieded upon.

Then the need and will to eat unhealthily will disappear!

Movement is an important part of life.  It’s necessary!

But it’s not necessary to work out in order to loose weight.  You don’t need long, tough workouts several times a week but what you do need is ‘everyday movement’.  To feel as good as you can possibly feel your life needs a balance between, movement, food and feeling good.

Then you will bo on top of life!

Assets with working out:

  • Increase enegy levels
  • Increase feeling of happiness
  • Feeling more energized
  • Better sleeping patterns/habits
  • Strengthening of your bones
  • Inspired to eat well
  • Increased health
  • Increased self asteem
  • Feeling good.