Cardio training

Variation in your workouts is important. A mix of weight lifting and cardio (working your heart beat) training is important.

Cardio workouts activities your heart and vascular system and increase your oxygen intake. But there are more advantages with cardio training…

You increase your blood circulation, your lung capacity and your degree of fitness. You increase muscle strength, increase your metabolism and burn fat.

All of these are of importance in your everyday life. In the beginning you can start easy and slow with just a walk, and then increase the intensity.

Suggestions to cardio training:

  • Fast walks to raise your plus
  • Aerobics
  • Spinning
  • Squash or other ball sports
  • Box class
  • Step
  • Swimming
  • Dancing…

Follow your own signals – do what you feel capable of doing. When you have been doing that for a while you can increase the load. You can always find an appropriate challenge for your body.