Anyone can do weight lifting

Once you get started with weight training you will soon notice the advantages it gives. The results are noticable and inspiring!

A few tips…

  • Workout gloves are great, they protect your hands and give a better grip on the weights.
  • Always have a bottle of water nearby.
  • Always warm up prior to your weight training, 5-10 min on the cross trainer or on a bicycle is a good warm up.
    The blood in your body then reaches out into the muscles and risk for injuries decreases.
  • Stay focused on your workout; socializing can be done before and after.
  • Train your whole body, but not at the same time or on the same day. Divide up the different muscle groups on various days.
    If you for e.g. workout 2 days/week then you could do as follows: Day one, chest, shoulders, triceps, back.
    Day two, legs, stomach and biceps.
  • Don’t forget your legs, they have the largest muscle groups in your body and the legs are what give the upper body stability. Muscles need more energy than fat so the more trained mussels you have the more fat you burn!
  • Get sweaty, lift heavy! BUT make sure you are capable of lifting the weights you plan to lift in order to keep stability in the body. Posture is of great importance!
  • Look in the mirrors and use them the see that you are not exerting your back or standing incorrectly. Good posture minimises risk for injuries.
  • If you are a beginner, then use the machines before going on to loose weights. In the machines you use less of your muscle capacity but at the same time you know you have good support and stability for your body.
  • Rest is important. Your muscle must rest inbetween workouts. One muscle group should not workout for two consecutive days.
  • Variation is the key word! Variation in weight lifting but even to vary your training with cardio training and weight training. Then you get an all round workout!