Advantages of movement

During evolution people excercised all the time. Movement was a part of their life. Our bodies are made to move. Excercise and movement is good for our body and mind.

What are the actual advantages:

  • happiness
  • health benefits
  • social
  • increase quality of life
  • more energy
  • better self a steem
  • better eating patterns
  • sleep better
  • more supple
  • increase muscles
  • increase strength
  • good for the heart, cardio
  • co-ordination improves
  • better balance
  • increase immune system
  • lower blood pressure
  • strengthen bones

To choose not to workout or excercise at all will instead increase risks for you body at a later stage.

It’s not about rushing off and quickly get into shape – then you will soon be unmotivated! Start slow, start small, but start!

Perhaps yoga, core, pilates, water aerobics, body balance – these work the core of the body which will help you every day in whatever you do.

This is all a port of the wheel of life, where the wholeness is greater than the total parts!