A new life

From the beginning

Since a young age Monique weighed more than her peers. Shopping for clothes was difficult, nothing fitted right! She often heard comments like: “If you were a bit thinner it would be easier” or “…you have such a pretty face, just loose a bit of weight…”

Monique was prone to gain weight… As she grew older the weight increased. After 3 pregnancies the situation did not get better. Monique was carrying 40kg’s too much on her 5.7ft body.

Monique has tested so many diets, joined Weight Watchers countless times throught the years. Nothing worked, nothing helped. In fact it only got worse. Instead feelings of hunger and cravings increased! Every time the diets ended in over-eating and failure. Only to start again after a few weeks!

In pure desperation she tested a soup (VLCD – very low calorie diet) and ate 3 soups a day for some weeks. That worked, she lost weight fast and easy and therefore was fully motivated to continue.

After the soups she started to eat according to GI (gycemisk index) but slowly the weight was finding its way back into her life and onto her body!

Monique started reading about LCHF, low carb high fat and felt she had nothing to loose by trying to eat accordingly.

It seemed quite easy, good food, cream, butter, steak, fish, sauces… Her main fear was the fat – can one really eat so much fat and not die! She was ‘fat-frightened’! Monique never thought she coud live without potatoes or bread but it was worth giving it a try.

During her ‘weight trip’ Monique’s weight has stood still many times, for weeks and even months at a time but then suddenly it decreases again and the scale shows minus!

Since that day Monique has not had any cravings for sweet things, she does not go hungry and she has more energy than ever before.

Instead Monique can enjoy the scent of newly baked bread or the smell of gingerbread cookies at Christmas time – but that’s enough. She has no need or craving to taste or eat them.

One of Monique’q biggest dreams in life was to be ablte to go into a normal clothes shop and buy clothes in small sizes. And that they fit!

Today she can!

Lifa as is today

Since may 2007, Monique puts great focus on what foods she eats. She plans, enquires and researches different foods. She does not buy ‘ready made meals’ in any form. She cooks good and healthy foods for the whole family, preferably organic foods with as few additives as possible.

Monique gains weight very easily, so even though she is thin today and has been for the past years – she is a sugar addict. This means that sugar or foods that become sugar in the body, triggers her. A fruit can be enough to get her going on a binge or craving the wrong foods. So for her, the new lifestyle is just that – a lifestyle, and a lovely one too! She has chosen a food diet that she can live with her whole life, not just a ‘quick fix’ but a lifestyle. And it’s all a pleasure!

Every day is a new challande. You have to dare to change your habits, to make a change – to change things you perhaps have been doing for your whole life.

It takes alot, both mentally and gaining knowledge about foods and health. Becoming thin is the best thing that has happened to Monique, she has gained a life.

During these years Monique has even gained a big interest in working out. She visits the gym regularly. This is not necessary – but she enjoys it! She trains both weight lifting and cardio training. She has also become an instructor within aerobics, dance aerobics, step and ZUMBA!

The regular visits to the gym has helped her body become firmer and stronger, and of course healthier. Hard training is not a must with this diet, but everyday movement is important for your body – for any body and every body!

For those of you that have weight problems you will most likely have that your whole life, unfortunately. Some of us are just born like that. Have you even had a large amount of excess weight then you will always easily gain weight again too. That is why LCHF is a change for life, not for the moment. LCHF helps you keep your new weight and at the same time you eat good and filling food.

Everyone can eat LCHF, it’s natural foods that humans have been eating since the beginning of time. During those times people did not die from diabetes, obesity, heat attacks, cancer, etc… (Those that died young then died from infection, trauma and accidents.)

Everyone, no matter what size or weight gain better health with natural foods that your body is designed to eat!