LCHF and banting products available!

1 Dec 2016 9:46 am     2 Comments    Posted under: Meals, Tips

The actual LCHF name and concept was founded by the Swedish Dr Annika Dahlqvist… And I am so happy to see it spreading worldwide… These products are from Ellie Deli in Noordhoek. And their restaurant has lots of  low carb / banting / LCHF meals! Go there if you are a serious low carber 😉



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  • We are Celiacs. We’re severely allergic to most everything, including lactose/all dairy, plus cow and pig, seeds, legumes, beans, and some veg and fruit…and other stuff. The list is endless.

    WHAT is in your mayonaise exactly. It’s got to be organic 100%. We don’t do seed oils, but extra virgin olive oil, free range/organic eggs. No ciders or vinegars allowed.

    Please inform me. Mayo is difficult to make and it would be bliss buying a pure product.

  • Monique

    Lovely to see alternative products on the shelves for LCHF Banting dieters.

    I’ve not seen any in UK myself.

    I’ve seen those targeting Paleo and Atkins, and they can be misleading.

    Hope LCHF products doesn’t follow the trend.

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