Low Carb for families – my book is coming along…

23 Feb 2013 4:51 pm     3 Comments    Posted under: Books, My low carb book

It is so exciting! I can’t wait for my meeting at Random House Struik in March to see how my book is coming along and to get a bit of a sneak preview of how it will look.

The intro to the book is soon out at the stores and in the media…. looking something like this:


What do you think? Sound good? I am very satisfied and happy with the text… 🙂

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  • You may contemplate trying the autoimmune process of the paleodiet,
    in case you have an autoimmune disease.


  • Besides brown rice, potatoes (boiled), beans and whole wheat bread
    includes complex carbohydrate foods that are rich in fiber.

    Strength training is extraordinarily effective
    when working on trying to burn off thigh fat. a)The Way-of-Misfortune (Duggati), which includes:


  • I cant wait for your book in English ! x


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