I will be buying a Crock-pot

4 Jan 2013 10:14 am     3 Comments    Posted under: Meals

Crock-pot is something I have been thinking about buying for some time now. I have come so far that I have made the decision to buy one, but not which one… (Typical me, can never make up my mind).

Alt. 1

Alt. 2

Alt. 3

It’s a slow cooker, you add your meat, veg, butter and spices in the morning. When you get home from work at the end of the day, dinner is ready! (Not served… that you have to do yourself 😉 )

Have you tested the Crock-pot? And which Crock-Pot should I get?

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  • My pleasure, happy I could help! 🙂

    Oh, read about the actinic kerotosis 🙁
    Don’t know anything more about it than what you wrote…it sounds really scary and I sure hope it’s not chronic and that the success rate of the treatment is good?
    I understand you had to abort the treatment for now, keeping my fingers crossed for positive results despite that and that you can pick it up soon if needed!

    Take care Monique, I’m sure you’ll kick it’s ass 🙂
    (Because that’s what you do! 😉

    Best Regards // P

  • Hi Monique!
    That’s awesome! 🙂
    You allready know this, but since you asked…:

    I’ve got the alt. 2 Crock-Pot, and I’m extremely pleased with it!

    Alt. 1 was no option for me as I don’t think it has an automatic “keep warm” function?
    (Ie, once the cooking time you set has passed it switches over to “keep warm”, so you don’t have to worry about being away from home longer than the cooking time is. This function is great!)

    I was considering alt. 3 too when I bought mine (it’s the cast iron one that you can pre-fry in directly on the stove, right?)
    The reason I didn’t go for that one is that I decided I can do that in a separate frying pan too, + the glazed stoneware is most probably a lot easier to clean than the cast iron and require no extra care.

    Alt. 2 got all the functions I need, it’s huge, the stoneware pot is good looking enough to serve from if lifted out from the heater, it’s ridiculously easy to clean…so that’s my recommendation.

    Ps. Like I suggested before, if you plan to buy it in Sweden…do compare the prices with amazon.co.uk! I saved a lot buying it from there instead…most items labled “Prime” or “Super Saver Delivery Elegible” are being shipped to Sweden for free (given the order total exceeds £25, which is no problem in this case…).
    Just be sure to actively choose the super saver delivery option in the checkout as it’s not chosen by default.

    Good luck with the purchase!

    Best Regards

    • Thank you so much! Your answer was a HUGE help to me! So alt. 2 it is. Ordering now from Amazon (half price!!!) 🙂

      Appreciate all you wrote! THANX again… See u on twitter 😉

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