The Speakers Christmas Party

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Yesterdays amazing ‘Speakers Christmas party’ was really such fun. So many inspiring people in one place to just talk, mingle and have fun together… Many are international speakers… Below are some photo’s from the party in Stockholm and links to those whom I spoke a little extra with…

Mattias Ribbing who holds the Swedish rekord in memory, he eats LCHF, which helps him keep focus during competitions and generally keeps him healthy!

Johnny Sundin, Annika R Malmberg Hamilton, Mattias Ribbing

Göran Adlén och Andreas Eenfeldt.

Göran Adlén, Andreas Eenfeldt, Monique Forslund

David Eberhard

David Eberberg

Kay Pollak is the director of the most amazing Swedish film internationally acclaimed ‘Så som i himmlen’ – As it is in heaven
I was at a lecture by Kay many years ago, about one of the best lectures I have been to. He is awesome!

Monique Forslund, Kay Pollak

Fredrik Sträng

Monique Forslund, Fredrik Sträng


Monique Forslund, Sophia Sundberg

Sophia Sundberg

Johannes Hansen

Johannes Hansen, Monique Forslund, Fredrik Sträng
Mattias Ribbing, Pontus Ströbaek

Pontus Ströbaek

Here are some more photos: Mera bilder hittar ni HÄR.

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