Low carb hot chocolate for adults

30 Nov 2012 3:57 pm     6 Comments    Posted under: Recipes

I have tested an ‘adult’ version of hot chocolate. Why I call it ‘adult’ is that I do believe that not a child would drink this due to the total lack of sweet taste! *SMILE*
But for those that are sugar sensitive, but still want a chocolate drink this is an alternativ that could work for you!

2 cups or one large mug

50 g butter
1 Tbsp coconutoil or cocoa butter
1 vanilla pod
200 ml water
2 tsp cocoa powder, I buy the organic one from superfoods.
100-200 ml cream

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and mix with electric hand mixer so that all blend well together. This is a filling drink, a good alternativ to bullet-coffee..

If you try it, please let us know what you think?


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  • I don’t have any vanilla pods. Can I substitute pure vanilla extract instead? and if so, what would you recommend for a measurement?


    • Hi Heather, yes that’s fine! :)
      Hm, a few drops? Not really sure but I guess it is quite concentrated? :)


  • I make rather the same for breakfast without the oil but with extra butter and some eggyolks for the vitamins and minerals.


  • This sounds absolutely delicious. Also a great alternative to bullet proof coffee. Thanks for sharing!


  • I wish I’d waited a couple of days and seen this post before I attempted to create my own Bulletproof “Hot Chocolate”… as I somehow misjudged the amount of cocoa powder… I used FOUR HEAPED TABLESPOONS when I should have used just TWO TEASPOONS!!! As I drank it I could feel all the moisture in my body being sucked out through my mouth!!! LOL! Had to add about a pint of whole milk to water it down to something palatable!!! Oops! ;-)


    • Whooohoooo! Sounds strong… A tip, when you need to ‘water down’ in future, rather use cream than milk ;) Less carbs, more fat – more filling :)


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