Morning folks…

29 Nov 2012 8:59 am     1 Comment    Posted under: Life

Wishing you a happy and healthy Thursday! I must say, I am really missing the sunshine and the people in South Africa. The photo is from my dads garden in Fish Hoek…   Go happy, and have a fat good day!

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  • Please could you help me? I attended your talk in CT and was very inspired! I went cold turkey and have not touched a carb or sugar (I was addicted to chocolate) I am following the LCHF diet at the moment eating what Tim Noaks suggested but dont know if I am doing it right? I do feel better have lost a few cm but no weight though? I need to come down by 6kg! BUT have become very constipated. Example of meals: Breakfast: scrambled egg with bacon and a coffee, or yoghurt, cream nuts and berries. Lunch: dont feel hungry so will have a snack on olives, cheese, salami or almonds. Dinner fish, chicken or steak with creamy veg and mushrooms. lots of water. Where am I going wrong??? I also am running 5km four times a week and walking three times a week.


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