Right out of nutritional ketosis

31 Oct 2012 6:04 pm     No Comments    Posted under: Ketosis

Since July I have been measuring my blood ketones. And it has worked really well! Helping me with weight control and learning my body extremely well.

But this past week, being here in Cape Town has not done my nutritional ketosis any good! But in fact, I have been eating as I should and the way that works for my body. Although one evening I did have some strawberries! BUT every evening I have been having wine. That just does not work!!! A glass every now and then is fine, but not daily!

Alcohol blocks the burning of fat! The liver takes care of the alcohol primarily and waits with the rest. So lots of wine, lots of work for the liver – and no burning fat!

Yesterday I skipped the wine and it just shows that it takes a while to get back into nutritional ketosis, which is 1,5-3 mmol/l.

On the other hand, I am here for 3 more weeks, so my goal is not to be in ketoses, I really love my South African wine! Ketones can wait a few weeks!

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