Recipe – Bullet coffee

30 Oct 2012 6:06 am     15 Comments    Posted under: Fat, Low Carb Theory School, Recipes


1 cup of bullet coffee

1 cup of coffee (200-300 ml)
40 g butter / 2-3 Tbsp butter (amount pretty optional)
20 g coconut oil / 1-2 Tbsp (amount pretty optional)

Mix together in a larger container with electric hand mixer. Pour into a mug. Enjoy!


Original recipe and idea you can find here

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  • This provides a construction to check out when mealtime occurs, and will assist
    in buying the proper foods at the food store.

  • How many Bulletproof coffees do you drink per day?
    I am new to the LCHF lifestyle…

    • Usually just one in the morning… but it’s fine more often too!

  • Hi Everyone,
    Please No Stevia! Don’t be fooled, it turns in to carbs in your body. I stopped using!!!
    packaged as healthy but Untrue!
    Love LCHF
    I have found “Advantage” sugar substitute (on sour berries) not a dangerous formula, last you for years.
    I use that or vanilla, no other sweeteners!!!

  • Hate to sound stupid but is this a hot drink or cold?

    • Hot! Google Bullet proof coffee 🙂

  • […] Haha, love the words of children! Of course she is referring to my bullet-coffee! […]

  • I like my coffee with milk or cream. Should I reduce the butter?

    • I actually made it with my normal latte (thanks, Nespresso) and then blended in 1 T of butter and 1 T of coconut oil. I am going to try more butter and oil next time. It was delicious!

  • The way I start the day…everyday. Instead of Coconut oil I’ll use MCT oil when I have it

  • Wow ! I tried it and it’s deelish ..I make mine with decaf and use vanilla extract and add few drops of stevia. Such and easy way to load up on fat :>)

    • Sounds good (besides the stevia, but that’s me..) 🙂

      • I’m now drinking Kona Coffee because it supposedly does not contain fungus.
        No more decaf though. Sometimes, when I can get Kerry Gold for a good price I buy it. Also, I like the coconut oil from Good for making Fat Bombs too.

  • Should this coffee be decaf?

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