LCHF tips for the weekend

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Weekend difficulties:

  • Friday evening snacks – chips, popcorn, salty nuts, alcohol.
  • Sweets for the kids, temptation.
  • Fast foods / junk food – easy, quick, effortless.
  • Afternoon coffee or tea with friends.
  • Dinners.
  • Sunday lunch and coffee with family.

LCHF weekend tips:

  • Eat extra fat with your lunch and dinner so that when ‘others’ take out the chips or nuts you are not hungry or tempted.  Maker sure you have raw nuts at home, in case.  Salted nuts are still better than chips or popcorn.
  • If your kids eat candy on w.ends then shop for them AFTER you have had your meal.  When your tummy is feeling full it won’t want all the junk out there.
  • If you want chocolate, go for the 90%-100% cocoa, still carbs but better than other chocolates. This obviously depends on how ‘sugar sensitive’ your body is!!!
  • Going to friends for coffee, offer to bring a plate of something: Cheese, chocolate balls made from coconut oil, coconut flakes and 90-100% chocolate, or berries with whipped cream.
  • Dinner with friends or family? Inform them that you are eating LCHF, changed lifestyle.  They don’t need to fix anything extra for you but that you will be avoiding the carbs and hope to just have some extra butter on your plate.
  • Children always choose sweet before other things.  Meet half way, sparkling water with berries instead of soda, barbecue instead of pizza…
  • Red wine is a good alternative, then dry white.  Beer is a total no no! That’s the equivalent of drinking a loaf of white bread!
  •  Vodka, mint, lime, soda water and 2 frozen raspberries is an alternative for a summer drink…

Enjoy the weekend and have a fat and healthy one! 🙂

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