10 ways to easier weight loss!

  1. You have to make your own decisions about what you want, your goals and your choices. And then stick to them. Only you can do that!
  2. If one day does not turn out how you want, don’t give up! Take control again.
  3. Eat only one portion of food at each meal.  Don’t re-take or go for seconds! Stick to your plan!
  4. Throw out the scale and use a measuring tape instead to  see your progress!
  5. Plan your meals and your day!
  6. Nuts are always good to have with as en emergency meal if suddenly hunger attacks you!
  7. Every now and then decide to do something differnet that entails excercise! E.g. park the car in the parking space farthest away! Do 50-100 sit ups in bed!
  8. Enjoy the feeling of being in control of your life, your day and your choices!
  9. Dare to say ‘no thank you’ when someone offers you something you know you should avoid.
  10. Smile, be proud – you have full control over your life and your body! Look forward and look ahead! You can do it!